The importance of a kickass Monday

Mondays… probably the most dreaded day of the week. And yes I must admit I am not a fan of  Monday’s (typically). It’s no surprise that Monday’s are rough, especially after a weekend of R&R, but as I am getting older I am starting to realize the importance behind a GOOD Monday. You could definitely say that Monday’s are the most important day of the week because it pretty much sets the tone for your entire week.

Whether its a new habit, project, or goal, most of us like to begin it on a Monday. If it doesn’t get done on a Monday, it can easily get skipped on Tuesday, and before you know it it’s Friday and you’re promising yourself you’ll do it NEXT Monday. I’m totally guilty of this. If I get lazy and skip the gym on Monday, then it’s easy for me to skip it Tuesday, and before I know it, it’s Friday and I didn’t workout once. UGH. Regardless of what you want to do, Monday is the starting line for the week and it’s important to have a kickass Monday. The key to a successful week is a successful Monday.

Here are some tips on how to have a kickass Monday:

  1. Try to sleep earlier on Sunday so you don’t hit snooze Monday morning. There’s nothing more stressful than running late on a Monday morning. Give yourself enough time to get to work, your appointments, or whatever you have going on that day on time. It’s important to start you week stress free and cursing in traffic definitely won’t help lol!
  2. Make healthy food choices because it sets the tone to eat healthier throughout the week. For me, I try to to always start my Monday’s with a healthy diet and like to leave my “cheat” days to the weekend.
  3. Plan your entire week out. I love to use my planner so I am organized and on top of everything for the week. Set your appointments, plan your meetings, and just schedule your week out so you know what needs to be done.
  4. Get your workout in!! I can’t tell you how many times I skipped my Monday workout, and it pretty much set the tone for my entire week. Skipping Monday made it easier to skip Tuesday which made it easier to skip the week. Not good. Whether it’s going on a run, walking your dog, hitting the gym, or playing your favorite sport, try to get a workout in on Monday. It’s a great feeling once your done!
  5. Make your Monday’s as productive as possible. Get to work! No matter what your career is, work hard on Monday’s and it will set the tone for your entire work week. Catch up on all your emails, schedule your meetings, and make a check list of what you need to get done over the week.

I’m learning to adjust my attitude about Monday’s because it really sets the tone for my week and I totally notice it. Monday’s give your a fresh start and starting (and ending) my Monday’s on a positive note have led me to have a week full of balance, good routines/habits, and being super productive. Cheers to Mondays! Xo


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  1. I really love your tips on how to have a kickass Monday! As a mom and a teacher I definitely agree and feel that how you spend your Monday and the choices you make set the tone for the week. We try to go to sleep earlier and eat super healthy on Monday but I wish I always got a workout in too! Really love what you are wearing!!!

  2. I cannot agree with you more on how to start the week right with a kickass monday. I have the problem of going to sleep early on Sunday and should def work on that.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  3. Great post. You’re right, Mondays are all about a positive attitude. Some people dread Mondays because the world tells them to do so. I look at Mondays as a great start to a productive week! It’s all about your perception!

  4. Love your advice on a kickass Monday. I totally agree. I start my day with exercise and it helps me to clear my mind & get energized for my day. Love the dress & sandals.


  5. Oh my goodness, your dress is so gorgeous!! You look stunning in it. I’m totally taking your tips for a kickass Monday on board, especially the one about working out. I don’t usually workout on a Monday but I can see your reasoning behind why it’s a good idea. Thanks for the Monday inspo!

    xo, Jo

  6. These are such great tips. Everyone struggles with the Monday Blues and I am working on it myself. These are great starts to creating a positive week for yourself!

  7. Thank you for the great tips, babe! I agree with you, Monday is the most important day of the week. If I skip it’s importance, my whole week will not be productive! I will try to use your tips from next Monday (ahaha). And I’m so in love with your dress!

  8. Agreed! If you have a positive outlook on Monday then I feel like your whole week will be productive and great. It’s all about starting the week right. 🙂

  9. I LOVE this post! It is so true. Monday really sets the tone for the week, but too often I’m thinking “Nah, it’s monday, I can’t be that productive today” But you are so right and it really motivates me to start my Monday tomorrow right 🙂
    Love, Dorie

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